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Judges overwhelmingly endorse the summary of aggravating & mitigation circumstances when sentencing an offender

        Chris May has over 19 years experience as a Sentencing Specialist with the State of Missouri's Public Defender System. She has testified in Court and has played a crucial role in sentencing negotiations with the Sentencing Judge, Prosecutor's Office and Defense Counsel. She has worked with and is well respected by numerous of the areas substance abuse & mental health services.

  • Chris May will prepare a clear, complete, easy to read, realistic, client specific report that will include the client's family, education, medical, psychological/psychiatric, employment history & background.
  • Chris May will make a treatment recommendation based on the clients needs & determine the availability for the client at an appropriate facility.
  • We will help the parties to understand the crime; the mitigation factors; the past, present and future motivations of the client; and the benefits of sentencing alternatives.
  • Hiring Chris May can aid defense counsel in highlighting issues for discovery, defense motions, plea negotiations, evidentiary and, of course, sentencing hearings.

"On many, many occasions Chris was able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and secure the necessary placement, service or referral for a client. Her contacts within the wide network of social service agencies and government programs are invaluable."
                                                          Christine Sullivan - Attorney at Law

"Over 19 years experience promoting rehabilitation rather than recidivism by researching and promoting Alternatives to Incarceration & working directly with judges, defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys & rehabilitation facilities."

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